Why did I dump all my $NVDA $AMD stocks and buy $U

Yes, the title says it all. I did quite the opposite of diversifying, which is considered a smart move in investing. Instead, in these turbulent times, I chose to dump* all my past champions Nvidia and AMD (the GPU giants) and focus my growth portfolio on Unity Software. I know this strategy is riskier and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. I, myself, did this on a limited portfolio, but I thought it’s worth documenting the rationale.

First of all, why did I dump Nvidia and AMD? The answer is quite simple; they did appreciate a lot already, so it is good cashing out when the time comes, and the risk on the two has not decreased since Putin’s war on Ukraine. Instead, it only heightened with Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan, which by the way I support.

Although Taiwan is housing most of the world’s chip factories. Maybe China won’t dare to conquer the island — yet — , but if things go south, their next salvo may be to bombard the mission-critical chip-producing factories. Because they’ve already supplied enough for reserves.

Nevertheless, the Lapsus$ breach is still fresh in our minds. So Nvidia’s bleeding-edge tech may not be so unique in a bipolar world.

[*] I did this, before Nvidia announced their last quarterly results

DISCLAIMER: This is not investment advice. I do hold some of the stocks mentioned in this article

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